Tuesday, 9 April 2013

♥ Choosing Your Wedding Colors Part 1 ♥

Color is one of the most important aspects of a wedding because color will reflect one's personality. Therefore, it is essential for Bride and Groom (B&G) to choose their wedding colors wisely in order to create a memorable wedding that reflects their personalities.

How many colors should B&G choose? One? Two? Three? Or more?
Advice for B&G is to choose a maximum of three colors for their wedding.

The first color will be known as dominant color, and this color will be seen most of the time throughout the whole wedding such as decoration and wedding gown;

Example: Purple

The second color refers as subordinate color, and this color has to complement the dominant color.

Example: White

Last but not least, the third color refers as ascent color. This color has to complement both dominant and subordinate color. Also, this color will only be seen in small details throughout the whole wedding such as accessories.

Example: Black

AND !!!

The combination of purple, white and black

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