Monday, 15 April 2013

♥ Choosing Your Wedding Colors Part 2 ♥

As mentioned before, color is one of the most important aspects of a wedding. For that reason, there are several factors that B&G needs to consider when deciding their wedding colors.

Factor 1 Symbolism of color
Different color has different meaning, and therefore, B&G need to know the meaning of colors in order to create a wedding that reflects their personalities.

Light Yellow: Optimism, cheerful, hopeful, etc.

Pinterest (by Jenn Nelson)

Pinterest (by Anna Sophia Melgreen)

 Pinterest (by LeAnn Raschke)

Factor 2 Venues
Colors have to complement the venue setting such as venue decoration, carpet, lightning, etc.

Factor 3 Seasons
Let mother nature be your guide, which means you need to ensure that colors chosen are complement to the season.

Pinterest (by The Frosted Petticoat)

 Pinterest (by Delisa Gasca)

 Pinterest (by Alexa Webb)

 Pinterest (by Taylor Made Soirées)

Factor 4 Creates the right mood
Color will affect our mood, and for that reason, B&G need to consider the type of celebration they are planning.

Orange: Bright and fresh
 Pinterest (by Colette Van Holland)

Pinterest (by Jennifer Chong)

Pinterst (by Allie Pixie)

 Pinterest (by Pietroburgo Eventi)

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